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On this page, you will find the www.triplestents.com disclaimer. It covers what you need to know about our reservation of rights regarding the information on this website.

Intellectual property

Using the information on this website is free as long as you don’t copy it, spread it around or use/misuse it in any other way. You may only use this information in ways that is not prohibited by applicable laws.

Without written consent from Triple S tents, you are not allowed to use any text, photo’s, or other materials on this website. Intellectual property on this website belongs to Triple S tents.

No guarantee for accuracy

If applicable:

We strive to correctly display the right prices on our website. Any errors that could be recognized as programming or typing errors, are never to be claimed or assumed as a contract or agreement with Tripe-S Tents.

Triple S tents strives to keep its website up-to-date. If, despite these efforts, any information on the website is incomplete or incorrect, Triple S tents cannot be held liable for this.

Information and/or products on this website are offered without any guarantee or claim for correctness. Triple S tents reserves the right to change information, delete it, or add it again without notice. Triple S tents cannot be held liable for any information on its website and any hyperlinks any of our website refers to.


If this disclaimer changes, you will find the most recent version on www.triplestents.com, on this page.